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davemonkey's 50 gal journal

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Okay, this is my first planted tank set-up. My goal is low-maintenance, low (or moderate) tech, and just to get a good feel for planted aquaria.

-Tank is 48"x13" and 18"tall (50 gal...or more like 48...).
-Substrate is "planted aquarium substrate" from, 3" deep.
-Filters: emperor w/bio-wheel; 1 powerhead on undergravel filter for right side of tank only.
-Lighting is 130 W PC of 50/50 10,000K and Actinic and a 2x15W "aquarium bulb" (came with original hood). Light duration is for 10 hrs (but only 8 with the PC hood).
-DIY CO2, 2x 1 gallon jugs with same ingredients for smaller containers (gives just a bit of CO2)
-dose excel and ferts

Plants are val, swords, crypts, anubia, egeria, mosses, java fern, hygo. difformis...low-mod light (due to half my light being actinic and non-productive)

Fish are random fellows I've been trying out, haven't yet decided what to keep in there. Getting rid of 5 SAE's and a Pictus Cat soon.

Many of the plants still need to do ALOT of filling in. Feel free to critique/comment. I am totally open to suggestions (unless it involves buying more plants for awhile). ;)

Here is the moss-rock I just tied-up a couple days ago. The SAE's liked it alot...yummy treat...hence, I'll be trading them in soon...:boxing:

Thanks for looking,
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Oh, this is very interesting, especially because my goal is pretty much the same! I am very happy to find this thread. Your tank looks great! :D

I am starting my 50 gal with plant eating fish and random plants; I am about a couple of month into this hobby. Would really love to see how your tank is progressing. :D
Hello, Dave! :)

I really like your moss job, it does looks great sitting on the drift wood like you fixed it :D

What is going on with the carpet, any plans on that?
:bounce: What a great tank you got, Dave, I haven’t seen it for a while! It looks really awesome! :D

I am having the same stressful thoughts though. I might be moving sometime soon and thinking of how to keep everything alive while tearing it out makes me totally sick. I keep thinking about the filter and how not to kill the bacteria in there, how to move my fish and tanks and… Oh dear!... :rolleyes:

I hope it will go smoothly for you, I’ll be waiting for your new story about re-scaping and distressing!
Good luck! :D
Oh wow! I am speechless! What a great change! What a tank! I haven’t seen your tank for a couple of month and now it is unrecognizable, what a nice jungles! :D
I am all about the exclamation signs today – finally made it here. The school really almost killed me and my tanks though :icon_hang:rolleyes:
Wow, how NICE!!! :D It does look great for El Natural, Dave!

So that grassy thing on the right is willow hygro, I suppose? I know some hygros are OK for low/med light, can you tell how it is behaving in your conditions? I got really bored with my plants, but there is not that much choice with what I have.
I am really happy to see your tankin such a great shape.
I've been struggling with hair algae explosions for about two years now.
Cheers! :)
1 - 5 of 291 Posts
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