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Deer Park that's good water?

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Has anyone had any positive and/or negatives experiences using spring water like Deer Park for planted aquariums. I'm sure I can get an analysis of the water, but wanted to see if anyone's had any experience - thanks!
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Off topic but I saw your title and thought you were from a suburb of Melbourne, Australia with the same name. Deer Park.
I live where there are quite a few places called deer Park, too although Lost Lakes are by far the most numerous.
Seriously, Just take along your test kits or meters and see what the water is like. I have found springs and small streams on the west side of the Cascades when I lived in Seattle with a pH of 5.5 and TDS of 25 ppm and brought some home for Tetra breeding projects. You never now until you test it whether its close to what you hope to find.
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