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Default Nymphaea Lotus Red questions

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I bought yesterday a new plant : Nymphaea Lotus Red (ZENKERI)
I searched the internet for this plant and I find out that it should have a bulb.
My plant is without bulb but has allot strong roots.

What problems can this plant have without bulb?
Will it ever grow a bulb?
What chances of propagation does it have without bulb?
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I started out with one red lotus bulb. Over the years it has spread babies all over the tank. I have had probably 100 plants from this one bulb.
Every once in awhile I will see a bulb when I uproot them, but not often. I have sold scores of them to people here at APC and I believe there is no issue, but now that you mention it, I wonder why only some have bulbs.
Taking the plant off the bulb is how you propagate this plant, then the bulb grows new and so on. I have had runners as well which i have replanted elsewhere in the tank and they have eventually started to grow a small bulb.
I bought one from a member of this forum ~2 weeks ago. When I was taking it out of the package, the plant broke off the bulb. Now the plant is doing fine and the bulb is growing into a new plant. I don't think that you have anything to worry about. :)
thank you all
now I am really happy I have this plant
Mine grow like crazy....have fun, enjoy it, don't worry.
mine is going bananas. I love it!
ditto, ditto, ditto! The advantage of having the bulb is that it produces non stop plants, one after the other, but you do not need the bulb to grow a plant. These plants are heavy root feeders, and with plenty of nitrogen will grow leaves the size of your hand. Its a gorgeous plant.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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