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Hi everyone...

I've got a problem I hope you can help me with. :? In one of my plant tanks, my (indestructable) Anubias is getting small holes in the leaves; as well as my sunset stem plant leaves. the color of both is beautiful - the sunsets new growth a bright pink/red - Anubias a deep green. No ragged edges. It is not snails or algea eating fish. I think it is a deficiency of some kind. Does anyone recognize the symptoms? Can someone post a table of deficiencys and thier symptoms? If there is already a table can someone direct me to it? I have laterite in my substrate and I dose with Flourish Comprehensive twice weekly. Our water is very hard. Has anyone found a supplement that seems to work better in hard water? Or a special substrate maybe? I can't do Co2 just yet. Thank you everyone.

Shannon :)
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