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Ok when people are telling others to "dose 10ppm" or whatever amounts are they saying that you should:
a) make a solution and then add enough of the solution to bring your tank levels up to a certain point all at once or a bit at a time or what?
b) add dry compound to bring up the levels?

I just find the definition and methods of "dosing" to be very vague and I worry that someone new to a planted tank that contains fish could make a mistake when doing the "dosing". Do most people add small amounts of dry ingredients to their tanks (I'm thinking larger tanks here) or make a solution and then add X number of mL of solution to the tank to bring up the levels? It is much easier to add dry compounds to a large tanks but what would be the easiest way to add them to a small tank like 10 to 30 gallons? It's pretty hard to get .5 - 1.5 grams of a compound without spending money on a digital scale or something like that. Also how fast should you bring up levels of things such as Nitrates? Over the period of a day, week?
If we could post a sticky somewhere describing how to go about making solutions and adding dry compounds I think it would be appreciated and less intimedating for new members. Just a thought since I'm new to the whole "dosing" discussions, and I'm not experienced yet, I noticed a lot of vagueness in the posts and it's kind of confussing for the first bit.
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