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What would the desired ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels be for a planted tank? I just tested my tank and my ammonia is 0ppm, nitrite is 2.0 and nitrate is 40ppm. I believe that is what my nitrate was...I can't remember right now cause I'm freaking out right now.

This is a guppy tank and I'm starting to loose fish. I did a 50% water change Saturday because the water was cloudy but I hadn't tested the water yet. I'm dosing my tank with dry ferts...very tiny amounts every other day. Nothing even close to the EI method...just very tiny pinches maybe 10-15 crystals each.

I guess that ammonia wouldn't be effected by fert dosing. But I figure nitrite and nitrate would, is this right? What should those levels be while dosing dry ferts? Or can you not use either of those figures to help dose your tank?

Anybody know what I can do to lower them? The PH is about 8.0 and I'm trying to use the DIY CO2 method...thought that would lower the PH somewhat.
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