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Developing rock and bogwood aqua art

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Good morning all

I was told that I can liquidize moss in a blender with water to create a loose paste. This paste can then be painted onto rocks and bogwood intended for aquarium aqua scaping.

The rocks and bogwood are them put into an aquarium, filled with a few centimeters of water, and kept moist using an ultrasonic water vaporizer. The top of the aquarium is sealed with cling wrap to create a warm humid environment until the moss begins to develop.

Is this scenario feasible and plausible?
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A liquidy paste might be a nuisance to work with. You might find it easier to chop the moss into fine pieces, apply cyanoacrylate super glue to the spaces you want moss, and then grab a wad of the chopped moss and "blot" it over the glue so little bits of moss get stuck.
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