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DFWAPC November meeting

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The DFWAPC October meeting will be at Jackson's house in Hurst.

Not everybody that attended the last club meeting at Mike's house saw what Jackson brought as clippings. He had a huge cooler completely full of plants! There must have been enough plants to stuff a 6' tank! Come to November's meeting to see how he does it!

The meeting is on Saturday, November 15, at 1PM.

For directions go here:

Plant clippings will be limited to only 100 per person, first come first serve, so don't be late.

See you there!

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I'll be there.

I might have a few underwater cockroaches to donate to the raffle (more commonly known as Cherry Shrimp).
Glad to hear your gonna swing by Mike, that Hygro you gave me last meeting is growing like crazy. (the long grassy looking stuff) I will have to do some extra work before the meeting, but the tanks will look nothing like Mikes for sure.
Softball Tourney, bummer as i really wanted to see your tanks jackson. it will have to be some other time.
Awh man, thats the same weekend I have drill. I was really looking forward to my first meeting. I'll definitely be there for Decembers meeting.
Great...I plan on coming. I'm excited to get to attend my first meeting and meet you guys.
This will be my first time. So I will come too. Mike are you going to bring some red plants with you?
I plan on making it.
Nikolay was wondering if you can get your hands on any of these Ancistrus sp. Pucallpa??
wwh2694, right now I've got a stem or 2 of Purple Cabomba, Red Ludwigia Repens and a few small size stems of Altenathera Reneicki. They are all fast growers under good lights, ferts and co2.

I am trying to grow out some stems of Ludwigia Glandulosa I got from Brandon at the last club meeting, but it is a slow grower and I'm not quite ready to trim them yet. Very deep red/purplish plant though. I think it will be worth the effort.

A lot of different plants I have get reddish tops when they get close to the light. Such as Ludwigia Cuba, Bacopa Caroliniana and sunset hygrophila.

Our host for this club meeting, Jackson, has some of the reddest limnophila aromatica I have ever seen.

I am thinking about cleaning out 1 of my grow out tanks and start a moss farm for my Yellow Shrimps. If anyone has an unusual moss they could bring, I would be appreciative.

I would like to come (first meeting for me too). I am in Bryan/College Station and have to travel for any plant club, so it is either you guys or NASH :) I am setting up a 50G for my first planted tank right now, it has been ready for plants for a few days now. So I won't have any plants to bring since I am a newb but I would really like to know what shops in town are good to buy from and of course will take whatever freebies people are giving away. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just common fast growing stems to get a high light/high CO2 tank going.

I can drill tanks if anybody needs that done. I just put three 0.75" holes into my 50G for bulkheads a few weeks back. So I guess I have that to offer.
I hope to be there, but it'll depend on work. It's the last few days to shipping our product so I may have to work. :-(
Bummer, can't make it,
I'll be in Houston for the herp Expo.
Y'all have fun!
Curious...I want to build a reactor for my 130g, would someone there be able to give me some hints??
MacFan is the one to ask about a reactor for mid to large aquariums. He demonstrated building one when he hosted the Club meeting a couple of months ago. Niko has a really cheap and easy one for small tanks and I'm using it on my 20 Long and my 15 High with good results.

I will be bringing a bag of Cherry Shrimp for Niko and an extra one in case anyone wants some shrimp. I'm not planning to bring a ton of plants but a stem or two of several different ones. I have a lot of Blyxa, Echinodorus Latifolia, Mermaid Weed, Java Moss and Ludwigia Cuba if anyone needs me to bring them.
What kind of reactor do you want? In-line with your filter or in-tank? What is your filter setup like?

I have a XP3 but wasn't sure if that had enough flow to really inline one on. If I need to buy a pump or extra filter, that is not a problem...I just one that would work for me tank. Right now, my reactor is in-tank which is just the tubing rigged to an aquaclear powerhead 50 which sprays it in the tank. I am hoping to do one that is effecient.

Also, I have some stem plants I can bring...not many but I have them. Should I go ahead and bring them?
If you have trimmings go ahead and bring them someone will take them.
Shane and I will be attending. Miraculously, work has let up for the weekend... *shhh!*
If anyone one wants baby Guppy's or golden yellow snails let me know. The guppies should be stunning when mature.
I would be more than happy to bring as many as anyone wants;););)
Or endlers... I have no shortage of endlers! :)
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