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DFWAPC September Meeting

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DFWAPC September Meeting

Date: Saturday September 20, 2008

Time: 1:00 pm

Topic: CO2 reactors, different designs, etc. CO2 reactor building workshop.

Location: MacFan's house in Dallas
Email [email protected] for location information

MacFan will explain various types of CO2 reactors, the pros and cons of each, and lead a workshop to build a DIY reactor. DFWAPC will pay for all materials and then we will give away a few assembled reactors including powerheads as prizes. You have to be a paid-up member to be eligible for a prize, but as usual any plants that folks bring are free. If you really really want a reactor and don't want to chance being disappointed, you can buy your own powerhead (MacFan will supply brand and model number here), so you won't need to win one of the assembled ones.
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Can't wait to go to this meeting!

Hope to see a lot of peole there too.

I will bring some Neritina snails (Nerites) for the raffle!

Also - I will bring some real Ancistrus for the raffle!

If you don't know - the Ancistrus looks like a Pleco, but it doesn't grow big and eats algae very efficiently. Does not touch plants.

yea, but if you supplement its algae with wafers does it stop eating algae and just wait for wafers?

Just found out that my golf tourney is postponed until next weekend due to the incoming weather. Looks like I won't be able to make the meeting. I'm bummed.
Probably the ancistrus will start waiting for algae waffers.

But I wonder what will happen if you stop giving them the wafers? :)

Ok, so we're going to make CO2 reactors at the meeting. It's based on the design Tom Barr recommends. If you'd like to make your own, this is the powerhead we will be using. It's available at PetsMart and surely other places. You can bring/buy a different one if you like, but ease of integration will be unknown. I'll provide the rest of the materials, so it would be helpful if I could get a count of how many people will be building one. I've used this design in my 72g tank with great success, I'm sure it would work in larger tanks, but I'm not sure how large it could reasonably support.
We'll be providing lunch also, we're planning on stuffed shells but with meat in them unlike how they're normally done in restaurants. Let me know if anyone is anti-beef and I'll see what I can do. You're welcome to bring snacks/desserts/drinks if you'd like, but we should have plenty of all.

Obviously, bring plants and fish if you like. (I have a WTB listing in the buy/sell section of a couple specialty plants I'm seeking, but anything beyond the standard fare is likely to appeal to someone. If anyone needs true Endlers, we can hook you up!

I will be there too. I stopped eating last night in preparation for the meeting...

Hey, if anyone has fish that they want to give away I'd take them. Just no big fish.

Sounds like Niko has eaten at our place before! :)

I'll have plenty of plants to cut back for anyone who needs some.
Is anyone planning to bring a powerhead with the intention of building a reactor for themselves? We were able to buy 3 from one store, but the other store I went to was out of stock of the model 10 ones. Those three will be given away by drawing to people in attendance. I need to know how many of the other supplies I need to get.

Anyone attending want any Cherry Shrimp this time? Don't want to bring them if noone needs any.

Also, I have a 7 dwarf cichlids that need good homes. I think they are mostly Apisto Agassizi (2Males, 3-5Fem). There may be 1 or 2 that are another type of Apisto (they are smaller but similar) but I can't tell. They came with the 90Gallon tank I got in March of last year. If noone wants them, I will take them to True Percula or Petorama in Arlington. I'm getting quite a few fish from Pedro and Niko so I have to make room.

You can bring the Apistos, we'll take at least some of them. We have tons of cherry shrimp if anyone needs some.

Anyone coming from Mansfield? I'll reimburse you if you want to pick this up for me on your way here. :)

I always post this too late, but here goes...

Plants on my wishlist in case anyone has some:

Pogostemon helferi 'Downoi'
Ludwigia Sp. 'Guinea'
Lindernia Sp. 'Indian'
Ammania Sp. 'Bonsai'

And large portions of ground cover (except micro chain-sword):
Dwarf Hairgrass
Glossostigma elatinoides
Immersed HC (I have emmersed HC and can't seem to get it to make the transition back)

Any bog/pond plants that grow to 12" or less, can live in bright, wet but not humid conditions. Creeping/climbing plants or ferns would be good.


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Hello All.
I have had a slight change of plans and will not be able to make it.
Have enough fun for me too!
I hope to see you next month.
Take care,
I woke up sick this morning, so I won't be able to make it. I'm bummed, I was really looking forward to seeing MacFan's tanks and eating his food. But I won't inflict my germs on you guys.

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