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DFWAPC September Meeting

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DFWAPC September Meeting

Date: Saturday September 20, 2008

Time: 1:00 pm

Topic: CO2 reactors, different designs, etc. CO2 reactor building workshop.

Location: MacFan's house in Dallas
Email [email protected] for location information

MacFan will explain various types of CO2 reactors, the pros and cons of each, and lead a workshop to build a DIY reactor. DFWAPC will pay for all materials and then we will give away a few assembled reactors including powerheads as prizes. You have to be a paid-up member to be eligible for a prize, but as usual any plants that folks bring are free. If you really really want a reactor and don't want to chance being disappointed, you can buy your own powerhead (MacFan will supply brand and model number here), so you won't need to win one of the assembled ones.
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Mike and Shane,

Thanks for hosting the meeting. Impressive tanks, good CO2 talk and excellent food.

Have a great week,
Ditto - Thanks Mike and Shane for hosting. Great tanks, food and meeting subject. I learned that I have a LOT to learn about setting up multiple tanks to minimize maintenance as you guys have done.

Thanks to Niko and Pedro for the Raffle critters.
Oh this was completely unexpected for me. I didn't realize you had such a big place FULL of tanks. I don't think there is anyone in the DFW area that has such big, clean and full of plants tanks!

If someone could post pictures of the place, please do!

Thank you Mike and Shane!

Didn't know there were people this crazy huh? :)

I still have to upload a lot more pictures, especially how-to related ones, but you can find pictures of a lot of the tanks and the build out of some of them at our appropriately named blog site. (Look back through the history for all the photos).

The setup was truley amazing. I want my wife to see this so i can show her that I am NOT going overboard with my 4 tanks :)

i hope to see you guys again at the October meeting.

The blog is very nice!

But it doesn't show the scale of your place. I honestly thought I was walking into the lobby of some venue - it's so big!

Sounds like you all had a great time!!! I loved looking at your web site guys! Truly beautiful tanks. How did the pleco eggs turn out? Were you able to raise them to adult hood?
They went to wigglers shortly after (unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out of those). There are at least three fry in the tank now. There could very well be more, the adult ones can disappear in that tank for months... and it's only a 12g tank! We need to put in some bigger PVC for a bigger "house" so the eggs can be inside next time. I didn't expect the eggs to be so big!

Anyone have good pictures of the meeting they could send me? I'd like to put some on my blog.

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