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I've restarted planted aquaria over the last month or so and I've been having a bit of trouble with plants. So far I haven't really had any major problems or defiencies, but here's my first that I can't figure out. My glosso appears to be turning very pale and almost white. It's not deformed in any way that I can tell and appears to be's just considerably pale all over (specifically the leaf). Only some growth is affected by this but I don't know if it's new growth or old growth.

The glosso was originally grown emersed so I'm not too sure if it's just adjusted or not. I also have Ludwigia Repens in the tank which may perhaps have some new growth which appears to be pale but it's very hard to tell. Nothing is translucent, just pale.

I've been following EI dosing on my 29 gallon pretty well, but I've been a little lax (specifically on iron, which I believe this may be but not sure).

This tank has 130 watts of light over 29 gallons. CO2 is pressurized diffused via Rhinox and drop checker on the opposite end of the tank remains a very consistent green. I dose KNO3, K2PO4, and extra potassium K2SO4. CSM+B or Flourish is used for traces in the recommended amount. Any help would be appreciated! I included a picture. My photography skills are considerably awful, but maybe it'll help a bit. Notice some of the leaves appear to be a bit paler then the others.

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