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Dicrossus fry!

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I was messing with my camera's video mode and discovered something in my dicrossus tank I have been waiting for for a while.....fry! They are already free swimming and appear to be doing well. I'll try to get the video up if I can find space to host it. If not then pics will follow. This is so exciting!
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oh good job ! :D good luck raising the fry too. What were you specs of the tank? Hope to see some pictures soon.
They are eating bbs now. I am thinking of siphoning them up and putting them in a "breeder basket" now that they are a little bigger. Im afraid one day mom or pop may decide to eat them. Anyone have any tips?
If the tank is heavily planted leave them in there. You will lose some but the strongest, smartest will survive this way. I don't like breeder baskets as they stress out the fish too much. Another bare bottom tank is my perferred method when I have one handy.
I do have one handy...a ten gallon. i suppose i could fill it up partway and use it? i need to get another sponge filter.....
First off, I have to say that Dicrossus is my all time favorite dwarf. Congratulations, breeding these fish is no easy task, you must be doing a number of things right.

Is the mother fish herding the fry around the tank? If she is, I'd probably catch half of the clutch and move them to another tank and leave the other half with the mother. I believe you'll find that those still with the mother will grow much faster than those you seperate. Keeping the fish with the mother will also strengthen their instincts when it comes time for them to breed. (ie domestic angelfish rarely raise their own fry due to the fact that they are never allowed to do so for many generations)

Remember to keep the water very clean and not too acidic, this genus has been known to show skewed sex ratios when the water was very acidic. The clean water will help with good fin development. I have had an entire batch of Dicrossus develop crooked and deformed fins from dirty water. By the way, what species do you have?
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Yes the mother is very protective of the younguns. I will try to catch some of them tonight and move them to another tank....just a bare bottom ten with water from the original tank. I have dicrossus filamentosus. Thanks!
wow...i never expected sucking up fry with a turkey baster to be so difficult. I got three after many many tries. Thats it for now because I dont want to stress them out any more today. The three seem to be doing okay. The size difference between the three is would think they would all grow at about the same rate, but one is quite a bit bigger than the other two already. Theres probably about 6 or 8 left in the main tank now.
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