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Hey Jeff,

I had a similar problem when I first used red flourite, I rinsed it but not well enough. I tried running my HOB filter to clear the water but that did not work well, AND I HAD TO REPLACE MY IMPELLER. It started to rattle quite bad.

My suggestion would be to remove the driftwood and rocks, stir up the substrate and then start to drain the tank. Be careful not to scratch the glass while stirring the substrate. when you get towards the end of draining the tank push a bunch of the flourite away from one corner. Place the hose you are using into this hole to get the max amount of water out. You have now just completed a major rinse. (I know, sucks it took 90 gallons...but)

Refill the tank using the Bowl/plate method slowly at first. Fill tank, declor. etc. Then leave it over night for the majority of the solids to fall to the bottom. Turn your filter on the next day, when you only see a lite fogging.

This is what worked for me in the past. If you are worried about it not being enough, you could always refill the tank with 6" of water, and then siphon that off a couple times.

Good luck!
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