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Thats a lot of gravel to pull out, clean and replace. It will eventually clear up, but it will take 1: A lot of floss 2: A lot of time

Do you have any friends that might have a spare canister you could fill with floss to help speed up the process.

One thing to consider, if you just leave it and wait it out, a lot of the "dust" will settle in the gravel. Every time you replant, etc you will get dust clouds.

I don't envy your situation.

You could do it in sections, left, center, right side of the tank over the course of a couple days...

Edit to add,
You could rinse it in the tank. Stir it up, drain tank. Stir it up, drain tank. It would be better than removing the substrate to rinse.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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