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Difference in Aquasoils?

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Anyone noticed a difference in water quality or plant growth when using different substrates from the aquasoil series? I will be ordering tomorrow and I like the color of Africana best, but everyone seems to be using Amazonia.
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I had a hard time deciding too. As I remember it.... I talked to ADG and Jeff said that the Amazonia seemed to grow plants the best. The other products do fine but I decided why not get all the nutrients I could. Also people say that the black reflects the colors of the fish better. That is why most use a black background.

Having said all this, I think you just need to get what you like... :D
Yeah, my tank has two black sides and a black back wall, with a black acrylic top and black podium. I was just thinking, any color I add to this tank is going to help it pop. More black just seems like it would go contrary to what I want.
There is quite a bit of discussion taking place that suggests that regular Amazonia is far superior to Amazonia II. I think the Africana would be interesting, but I haven't seen too many people using it.
I just setup a small 2.5G with Malaya a couple weeks ago. So far, with CO2 added, and no dosing, HC is growing/pearling as much as I've experienced with Amazonia. (I didn't use any powersand underneath either)
keep in mind that every batch of aquasoil is different so even two bags of the same type (ex. aquasoil type 1) will have varying results
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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