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Dining with Planted Tanks! (56K Warning)

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This is a restuarant newly opened in Thailand, by a friend of mine. Enjoy the photos!

Check back for restuarant information at a later date here >>

The main entrance to the restaurant.

On the right is the main dining hall.

A long big tank inside, yet to mature.
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Inside the dining hall.

Another view.

This is a small cafe just beside the dining hall. Outside is a small and nice aquatic store. A pity I dont have a picture of it.
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Another view of the cafe.

The main attraction tank in the cafe. Tanks in the entire restuarants are maintained by FERKA.

Another nice planted tank
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Big and nice cryptocoryne wendtii brown supplemented by FERKA Rosetta.

Beautiful downoi supplemented by FERKA Rosetta.

A fiery red ludwigia species supplemented by FERKA Stemma.

A healthy nice standing of a unknown stem plant supplemented by FERKA Stemma.
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How beautiful -- thank you for sharing with us!
I hope to have a drinking establishment in Orange County, CA something like that some day. Continued updates would be greatly appreciated.
Very nice... Where in Thailand? I might drop by the next time I'm there.
Probably Bangkok, my wife is over visiting her folks, buying land, near Ubon.
She goes to Bangkok in a couple of weeks, maybe she could check it out
with her sister who lives there. I think I'll tell her I've found our living room
and dining room plans! :supz:

i second that bill!
i love to watch hgtv and food network and the other day they had something wherein they built a kitchen with a gorgeous built in aquarium. i started planning from the minute the show went on.
I will come with shop details once i get it.
Its really a nice place to be, especially in the evening! :)
Great example of the quality of Ferka - I have linked to these pictures from my site
I was looking at the ferka product series and it seems there is no Nitrate or phosphate in the liguid ferts at least. I find it strange to have such lush growth with this 2 ingredients missing, how they do it?
I'd love to eat there. What beautiful surroundings. Thanks for sharing!
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