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Dish washing detergent (Dawn and others) are designed to rinse clean rather easily (no one wants dishes to taste of soap) so I would think that is probably the best way to clean things. I would prepare a bucket with water as hot as I felt OK with for the various things, and a gentle scrub brush for the wood, and a stiffer brush or a scrubbing pad for smooth surfaces. I would be concerned that the wood might have taken some oil or carpet cleaning fumes inside its pores, so once you have scrubbed the outside you might put it in a garbage can of water with a pump running, in an attempt to remove more of whatever it was.
This thorough a cleaning might also kill the nitrifying bacteria population (if it hasn't already died), just when the plants are having a hard time. Might be worthwhile picking up a small package of Dr. Tim's One and Only or Tetra Safe Start.

I have used dish soap for garden use and found that 1 tablespoon per gallon was the strongest dose land plants could tolerate. I do not think aquatic plants could handle even that much.

I would also try this: To soak up oil at the water surface lay a paper towel on it. The paper towel will pick up quite a bit of oil.

Activated carbon will adsorb a lot of toxins that can get into a tank. I am not sure about oil, but for the carpet cleaning chemicals probably a good idea. Put fresh AC in the filter, run it for a day, then swap it out again. It can get full really fast, especially if you know there is something suspicious in the tank.
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