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Disaster: This is What Happens...

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This is what happens when you ask your roommate for a favor...

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I am afraid to ask, but what sort of time frame are we looking at?
Oh wow. All that HC gone... What a pity.

What happened? He didn't decide the fish needed a "drink" did he?
Ouch! Looks like a CO2 shutoff or lights that were left off for a few days. Pity.

I'd guess there are still some HC roots and lower portions that will rebound if you restore good conditions. The Blyxa should bouce back too.

Good luck.
So sorry! At least you have some HC left... What did he forget to do. I try to make it dummy proof. All systems on times. Ferts in little cups that just have to be dumped. At least it's dummy proof - but the people still have to show up to dump the ferts....
That sucks. I have timers on most everything for my tank. When I went on vacation my brother took care of the fish ONLY. I told him not to mess with ferts or lights, just feed the fish. Mine looked fine when I got back, sorry to see what happened to you. I hope everything rebounds back to its original luster. ;)
Well, it looks like they cleaned the filter inflow for you at least!
I must say this is heart breaking. very heart breaking.
I'm asking for someones head on a silver
I'm asking for someones head on a silver
forget the platter, if it were my tank, I'd be wanting it on a pike.
No CO2, no lights....melted HC. Exactly the same thing happened to my iwagumi when I lost power from Hurricane Ike. Though the blyxa did OK initially after clean up, I had a major hair algae breakout a few weeks later.

Sorry for your loss man!
Totally "uncool" of your roomate. OUCH!

Sorry to see the state of the tank. Like Drinda said, I'd make it idiot proof if you have to leave it to someone else to watch over it.

Remember, this too shall pass. It'll be back up with your touch again.
Man, that's awful! You definitely have to make it idiot proof when you go away for more than a few days if someone's going to care for it. What the heck happened???
Man, that's awful! You definitely have to make it idiot proof when you go away for more than a few days if someone's going to care for it. What the heck happened???
Idiot-proof is one thing. Getting someone to commit to doing things when they say they will is another. This is what I'm going to guess is what happened.

I just came back recently from a week trip out of the country. My in-laws (who speak NO english) fertilized my three tanks and feed the fish for me while I was gone. When I came back ALL was perfect. As if I never left, only bigger plants!

The way I did it was I bought 6 different daily pill dosers from the drug store for about $1/each. Using a sharpie marker I labeled each one with a Chinese character for big, little and medium (for the tank sizes) and added one character for food on the ones to be used for the fish food. Then in each of the SMTWTFS compartments I put in the food for one day in the food "doser" and either dry macro or micro ferts in the fert dosers (I use the EI method). The key was them coming in at least once a day and opening that day's compartment of the right doser and dumping it into the right tank. They commited to that, and they did that.

I'm guessing even with simple, easy instructions what we had here was likely someone who forgot some or even all days!
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Ouch! Thats a pretty bad sight. Maybe you can use this time to change the theme to forget the memory and new theme at the same time?
OUCH!!! I would be hostile, very hostile!!!

Good Luck with the fix.

Oh, and it was a very nice tank!!
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