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A "pulse" can push the plants further, but only for a short peroid.

Other gases are also staurated above 100% in Tap water, especially if you use slightly cooler water(all gases are more soluble in colder water, thus cooler water holds more gas at equilibrium), they will off gas as well.
You might think it's all plant production, it's not.

I looked into this a lot about 9 years ago or so.
I knew i needed more CO2 so I added more and more till I got the results I liked. But after a a day or so, the growth backed off eve though I have plenty of NO3/K/PO4/traces etc.
So I tried amping the CO2 for the day to see.
It worked.

Before I came along and started bugging people about more CO2, it was 15ppm.

Chronic vs pulses makes a difference.
Tap water temp, concentration, test methods play some role here.

Tom Barr
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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