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How enlightening! I've been having some major issues with particulate matter in my new set-up, the 125 I got from mudboots. I recall him having the same issues when he had it.

I've got a canister filter and 2 powerheads (Koralia II and off-brand) and I thought I was getting the right movement. After reading this thread, I looked carefully and sure enough, particles were just floating all over the place, never settling, never making it to the canister intake.

I just now removed both powerheads and placed the canister filter output/intake at the end of the end of the tank as described for ADA stuff. I don't see the circular motion from top to bottom, but I do see it from front (water going forward) to back (water returning to intake). Probably I won't see the "Lily Pipe" motion because I don't have lily pipes, but it will be interesting to see in the next couple days if this helps with the particulate issue. (I'll let you know. )

I need to find the data on that filter so I know what ghp I'm looking at. My guess is that it is very low.
HERE it is. It says it pumps 250 gph.
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