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Re: Discussion of laminar vs turbulant flow - Experiment

Hello everyone

I have been reading this old thread with interest. Right now I am trying to establish a slow, unidirectional, laminar flow from one side of my 400L tank to the other using a manifold design, similar to the hillstream approach but with a submersible Eheim pump instead of powerheads. And with a gentler flow rate.

My plan is to use a series of eheim spraybars attached via u-bends into a kind of grid. I have no idea if this will work :) It will not be elegant! It will have many a green pipe and black suction cup! But hopefully I can conceal it with some roots and rockery.

The overall intent is to emulate a coastal stream in Cameroon complete with appropriate fish, inverts, and plants. The streams are neither rapids, nor sluggish. Can it be done? Stay tuned...
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