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Hey TurtleHead,

I have been running a DIY CO2 system for at least 2 years and have not found the need to run an airstone to remove excess CO2 at night. The amount of CO2 that is accumilated during dark hours does not really build up to the point of possible problems with pH.

The best thing to do is to measure the pH during lights on in the morning, if possible mid day then just before lights out. Then just before lights on in the morning take another pH measurement. This will give you a very good idea as to the amount of CO2/pH swing you have in your own set-up.

If the swing is too much then maybe you will need to turn off the CO2 at night.

The best thing to do is to test your own pH/CO2 values in your own tank, because what works for one tank does not mean yours will react the same.

And as for the reason for the baking soda in the mixture is to help prevent molding and bacteria growing in the mix. At least that is what I have read!!!
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