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:D Yes, a DIY CO2 drink:

A few days ago I was replacing the 2 litter bottle of my DIY CO2 and I thought that since the content had been pretty much sterilized during preparation there wouldnt be much of a problem if one drank the liquid. Me and a friend of mine joked about it for a while and then each of us took a small sip from the bottle.

Honestly, there are much worst tasting beers out there! Miller Light comes to mind - it's definitely worst tasting than a the fermented sugar in water. The yeast reactor liquid tasted more like a weak wine and had enough CO2 left in it so it could be classified as "bubbly" :D

Now I was wondering how many of us here have thought of trying or have tried "the brew"... and how could one "improve" its taste? 8) hehe

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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