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Not offended at all

Lets try and compare this to my system

tank used 2x2L bottles
2 cups of sugar per bottle
replaced every 1.5weeks on average

Price of supplies:
Pack of airline fittings $1.50
Baking soda $3


Now, if I changed my bottles every week like I tried to do (I did I mentione I hated doing that ;)), it would cost me ~ $75

5# CO2 cylinder $60
Milwaukee regulator=$76
refill=$8 (w/ controller, my cyliner is less than 1/2 used after a years lets say refill every year when used with a timer that your lights use)=$16

Now the difference isn't as big.

Now lets say you have a 75g tank. You would need atleast 6 2L bottles going IMO.

DIY=160.35 @ 1.5weeks or 240.53 @ weekly

Now, I am sure you can get sugar and yeast cheaper when you are doing it so much in bulk, but you can see how things really shift. For presurized, you don't jump up nearly as much in price.

It is an interesting exersize though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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