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Quick question - forgive me if this is the wrong place.

I am on my 2nd batch of co2 using the recipe listed on the first page. The first time, i added all the ingrediants but didnt shake the bottle because the lid was already attached to the tank.

The second batch I made, I did the same way, but saved the top from another bottle. this time i shook the bottle until all ingrediants were dissolved. Its been over 24hrs and it doesnt seem to be producing co2 like the first batch.

I can see bubbles forming in the solution and there is 'muck' on the surface (first batch produced no muck).

so the question is do you mix the solution before hand or let the yeast make its way through the sugar on its own?

my other thought is that the ph may have been to high (high 7s) to begin w/ and I added the baking soda...but it worked the first time...
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