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Try guys this one - Russian Recipe from my Friend who make for me 2 diy bottles
Lasts up two months

2L bottle x 2 (second bottle setup after first or second week when pressure go down, ..)

0.5 - 1tsp Yeast
0.5 - 1tsp soda
1.5L Aquarium water with a lot of minerals(mostly before water change)
300-400 grams or 2-3 cups (approx.) sugar

Recipe Secret - Never Mix All together
First Sugar in bottle, then fill bottle over sugar with already mixed yeast, soda and warm water(not hot and not cold) mixture.
And do not shake !

When bottle refill Leave some deposits at the bottom for following mixture.

Recommended double flow control regulator - one tubing from regulator number 1 to aquarium and from second regulator to like glass with water with approx. 1 bubble every 5 sec that outflow is insurance against bottle blow. With this method i can keep 2 bottles at very high pressure long time without any one way valve(i have only one after bubble counter).

I hope - to You will help - Good Luck !
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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