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Every ingredient there is technically food or drinks. I wouldn't add baking soda if I were to drink it though. I also would not use aquarium water or plain water . . .
Brw, can I just add the suger to continue the reaction instead of re-mixing the entire thing?
I'm with Qwertus on this one; do not add tank water, use plain tap water between
82 & 102 f. Tank water will have micro-organisms that can impede the growth of
your little yeast buddies. That's a no-go for our purposes.

These DIY CO(2) recipes are basic sour-dough sponge, so YES you can add sugar
to charge the brew after about a week, much less sugar than you originally added.
The charged brew will foam up like champagne so you may want to pour off
a little of the alcohol/water mixture and replace with plain tap water.
Mebbe 3/4 cup of water but not more.
Make sure your new and recharged brew total volume do not go any higher than
the shoulder break of the pop bottle, you need that empty space for head-room.
I just had an incident where my new brew was so active my tank was foggy for
a couple of hours. No big deal, I left my lights on a little longer than usual & it
cleared by morning.

Even when you think your 6-7-10 day old brew is not producing gas, it is. It is
just producing at a slower rate. I give the bottle a shake once or twice a week.
Yes you can drink the alcohol, it will taste like boozy bread, 'cause that is what
sour-dough starter is made of. If recycling is your motive for wanting to
"make use" of your alcohol product, I suggest learning how to home brew,
plenty of places on the web to learn how. :tea:

The "muck" mentioned above and "snot" mentioned in another thread
on air-stones and infusers is active yeast sponge. It is not harmful
in the tank, just clean it when you see it. In the yeast bottle,
it is a result of the escaping gas pushing sponge covered bubbles
toward the top trying to escape under pressure. When you see it
floating on the top of the brew, it is the same, just in smaller volume.
Again, n.b.d. your brew is working.
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