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I wonder if the alcohol at the result is drinkable? Just curious since it is yeast.
While it wouldn't hurt you to drink it.... it would probably taste like CRAP. I would definitely consider distilling it. You would come up with a product similar to Moonshine.

I was going to add another DIYCO2 bottle to my system to increase output, AND I was going to start another batch of Cider wine..... but after thinking about it.... I'll simply replace the air lock with the airline tubing! Kill two birds with the proverbial one stone!!!! I know that that five gallon jug really puts out the bubbles kept at the right temperature.

(Simple recipe)

1 5gal glass carboy, Sterilized with bleach, then well washed.
4 gallons unpasturized Apple cider
4 cups of sugar.

Heat cider enough to get sugar to completely dissolve. (You do not need to heat ALL of the cider. Just a gallon or two.... enough to get the sugar to dissolve)

Add to Carboy, let cool to approx. 100 degrees F. (Ever so slightly warm to the touch.) Add Yeast, insert airlock. When bubbles stop, fermentation has completed. Siphon off, leaving junk in the bottom. Re-insert airlock (to keep wine sterile.) Allow to sit and clear. (Shine flashlight through side. If beam is visible, let it sit longer) Siphon into bottles and cork.... ENJOY!

Now.... if we take that simple recipe and substitute a piece of airline tubing for the airlock... and allow the wine to ferment as usual.... you would be generating CO2 for your aquarium, and Hard Cider Wine for your own consumption. When the fermentation is complete, you could switch out another bottle, and re-attatch an airlock and sit the jug somewhere to allow the fermentation to complete (It DOES slowly taper off, much less than acceptable for CO2 generation) and let the wine clear for your first racking. (Racking is the siphoning to allow the wine to clear)

One time I tried to do five gallons in a five gallon jug. After adding the yeast and attaching the airlock, I set it on the kitchen floor. The next morning I came down to a three foot wide STICKY, STICKY puddle.... It started bubbling and foamed up overnight and pushed about 3/4 of a gallon out all across my kitchen floor, so I KNOW it generates a lot of Co2. That's why I use four gallons now in the five gal. jug.

Oh boy.... here we go. I SERIOUSLY was planning on adding another jug to my co2 system today...... and now I've got another McGyverism. Later today, check my tank Journal to see what I came up with. THIS Is going to get Interesting.
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