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upikabu said:
Hi John,

Thanks for the explanations. My KH is 5 out of the tap, so baking soda probably won't have much effect in my case. Mixing may not help either, as the sugar and yeast were already dissolved from the get-go.

What's the highest level of CO2 that you (or anyone else) were able to achieve with one 2L bottle of DIY CO2 in a 20g?

I have a 37 gal tank and a 2 litre bottle DIY system. I generate so much co2 that I have to run a bubbler at night to keep my fish from being aphixiated. However, the secret to getting a higher CO2 rate is in how well the bubbles are smashed up as they are released. The smaller and more numerous the bubble are the higher you co2 concentration will be. The goal is to reach about 30ppm of co2. I have no trouble reaching and exceeding that.
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