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DIY CO2 Mixture

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I've read some articles some of you have read about DIY CO2, but in some of them you use a mixture of CO2 that you made. My question is how would you make it? Depthc had an article on the DIY CO2, but now i need to know what to do after that.

Some questions: (bear with me, i'm still new at planted aquariums)
1. How do you do the different methods to diffuse CO2 into your tank? Depthc listed that CO2 bells, power reactors, injection into a power filter, and air stones work.

I currently own airstones and a power filter.

2. Also. do you think this is the way to go instead of buying pre- assembled CO2 units?

I posted a question on what i would have to get, but right now i dont have the cash to buy all of it :oops: so i think i can try to pull off a miracle and build one myself.

Your help would be greatly appreciated

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First of all, I have no experience with the pre-built CO2, but I would not expect anything other than a pressurized system to deliver significantly different results than a DIY system...

As far as a reactor... it appears that bell reactors do not have much impact, I personally feed my CO2 to the water intake of my filter, this seems to be the most favored approach.

In regards to the mix there are many references out there.. google is always a good source... try this link first and go from there.

The second hit on the previous search ( is one of the best articles on DIY CO2 I've read. It should get you going... come back with any specific questions.

We are here to help.
A good micro bubbler or glass diffuser will work well.

You might find this interesting:

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio
I use DIY co2 on my 75 untill I can afford my pressurized system. 2 cups sugar, 1/4 tsp yeast, and a 2 liter bottle filled to the shoulder is my mix. I picked up an eheim diffuser from that works nicely.
I used diy for about 6 months until I got tired of mixing up new batches of yeast/sugar every 2 weeks and switched to pressurized. But diy is certainly a way to start very cheaply. The easiest, cheapest way I found, which I also used, was to merely feed the bubbles into your hob filter. In my case, an Aqua clear. The bubbles get sucked up into the filter, trapped in the sponge and slowly dissolve. Don't use carbon with the filter.

Some people claim, this causes some problems with the filter, but I didn't find any. Matter of fact, I still inject my pressurized into the filter on 2 of my tanks.
Been doing this in my 55g tank for a year now, never had a problem with it. I think it works just as good as any reactoer, don't cost you anything and you don't have to make room for yet another thingi in your tank.
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