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Hey Dryn, I am getting ready to do this as well. How does ADA do the bottom glass? I would be concerned about somebody cutting the glass to the exacting specs we need. I've been looking into the scribe and break method, the jury is out on if it will work good on 1/4 inch glass. Some say yes and some say no, but I plan on trying anyway. One of the best things about the ADA tanks is the apparent lack of silicon. I don't know if they just use a smaller bead or a masking method of some sort. I was thinking that you could mask 1/4 inch from the corner with the tape and on the joining pane mask right to the edge. When the silicon sets, pull up the tape and run a razor down the backside of the tape right into the corner so then you'll have a clean corner. The downside is that the silicon would have to be perfectly gap free in the corners to keep from leaking. When I was at joann crafts with my girlfriend the other day I saw that they had carbide sanding blocks, these would be good for grinding the edge of the glass. I look forward to seeing the progress you make on this.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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