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DIY Cube Tank

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Hello to all:

Having recently joined this forum and read many great articles on a range of topics related to planted aquaria, I've decided to embark on the journey of building my very own cube tank, or die trying to:)

My first and main reason in wanting to build a cube tank is inspired by ryuken168's post on his DIY hood with cd racks as well as his selling of some really cool looking cube tanks. These are rim-less and very attractive. Personally, I am just tired and fed up with most of the tank choices available to us in the States. Most, if not all are framed with those unsightly rims either on top, bottom, or both. In my own opinion, I think this really makes the overall layout unattractive and out of sync. Therefore, I've decided to build one myself, much like the tanks we somtimes see from Asia, including many of Mr.Amano's.

At this point I am still on the drawing board as that is where I get to transfer my mental image onto an actual reality, albeit this transference isn't always 100% accurate:p Basically, I want to build an all-glass tank that is no larger than 10-gal, and is equal dimension on all sides. This is also my very first DIY tank so I want to try to make it as simple as possible. Economics is another issue as well; everything including glass, filter, light, etc...should be under $100. So this will be another challenge; one that I am willing to take on. So now I need your helps.

Few questions lurk at this time. What type/brand of glass should I use? What is the optimum, safe thickness of the glass?(Xema posted her tank in Aquabotanic a while ago with some info) Acrylic vs. glass; which is more doable given my situation? Silant choices; silicone vs. Marine Goop?

Any input greatly appreciated! If everything does work out then I will be more than willing to take step by step photos to show the progress.
Thanks so much :)


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Ken, what sizes are you looking at on those molded cubes? assuming quality is good, what are the anticipated prices? :D
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