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This has been a very good thread, long however.

Anywya, I consider myslef pretty new to the CO2 injection and am at a point where I have to decide where to go with CO2.

Some questions I have about this CO2 dropper is:
1. The red sea model looks nice and appears to be pretty cheap, is it recommended for those that aren't creative enought or have the time to DIY?

2. The KH and the Distilled water, how do you test it? I have a test strip kit but not a liquid test kit for KH. If I mix a mason jar worth, would the water last?

3. how often do you need to refill the dropper?

4. If I go with the red sea, once the reagent runs out, can I use normal PH reaent from my AP test kit? do you use the high range or low range ph indicator?
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