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DIY HD light not working with T8

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I have a couple of questions so please guide me....

I made my own DIY light using a shop light from HD. I went out last night and had enought money for one 48" T8 Aqua Glo bulb. When I put the bulb in only the very ends light up and my balast makes a buzzing noise. I had done some reading about rapid fire balast verse electronic balast. Mine is a rapid fire. I am assuming this is why my bulb will not light. I put a crappy regular 48" in there and it worked fine.

Question: Should I return the bulb and go to HD for some of their bulbs? I heard they had good bulbs for plants.

I heard that I could use the wires that would be for the 2nd bulb and wire it up for the first bulb so it would "overload" and I could still use the bulb i bought. Is that right? Can I just go buy an electronic balast to do both lights?

My tank is in severe need of light. I have a 75 gal at the moment with two 15 watt Aqua Glo lights. This is what was given to me when I bought the tank.

Thanks you,

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The light fixture said that it accepts 25, 34 and 40 watt bulbs.
I have a feeling that the problem is the balast being a rapid fire and not an electronic balast.
The fixture sounds like it is HD's model number HBSL-16, if so it is a solid fixture and ballast, many many people use these over their tanks. It does have an electronic ballast, it is an instant start one from advance ballasts. (you can tell because it says it will run several different wattages, only electronic ballasts do that). I agree with Niko, your problem is most likely the way the fixture is wired, it won't work well with only one tube in place, try the aqua glo along with a standard bulb in the other socket, and ,make sure the aqua glo is seated properly.

Does anyone know about the bulbs from HD that I can use for an aquarium. I am on a budget...
The bulbs labeled "Daylight deluxe" are the perfect choice for a planted tank.
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