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I picked up most of the parts from a store call Rona in Canada. It is simliar to home depot, but has a larger selection of PVC parts.

In order from the first part to the very last part

1/2" barb with 1/2" thread

The black part is a
1/2" FIPT x 1/2" MIPT /w 1/4" male swivel barb port

I got the part from the sprinkler section in Home Depot. It is made by Drip Master

1/2" thread to 3/4 elbow. the outer Diameter of the 3/4 elbow is 1".

It is not a really snug fit compare to PVC pipe to a coupling, but enough so it can be glue together without any leaks.

teleflon tape the thread and screw the 3 pieces togethers.

Glue the elbow to a 1 1/2" to 1" reducer.

Glue a 1 1/2" coupling to the other end of the reducer.

gGue a 5" long 1 1/2" PVC pipe to the coupling.

Glue the other end of the 5" pipe to one end of the 1 1/2" Union. (NOTE: unscrew the Union before gluing to avoid gluing it by accidental)

Glue another of 5" pipe to the other end of the Union.

Glue a 1 1/2" Coupling to the end of the 5" pipe.

Glue a 1 1/2" to 1" reducer to the Coupling.
Glue the 1/2" thread to 3/4 elbow to the reducer.

Thread a 1/2" barb to the elbow.

To cut cost on the Union, replace it with a male / female adapter and teleflon tape the thread.


Replace one of the coupling with a 1 1/2 Tee with thread on one side. Get a threaded cap to cap off the 1 1/2" Tee.

2" pipe can be use as well. Remember to get the approriate size to replace the reducer and coupling and union.
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