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What do you think about on a 55G? I just took the rim off mine today b/c the center brace cracked(took me a couple hours). I considered using just a 4-6" wide piece of glass for the new center brace it. I guess I would just attach it with silicone which makes me a little nervous so i was wondering if anyone has experience with this. The glass costs $3 so I thought I may do 2 4" braces either 2' apart or using 2 on top of each other in the middle. I can pick this up Monday morning and aquarium silicone.

I saw stuff online, mentioning that people have done it, in one place a guy said he has heard about people doing it and heard it doesnt seem to last long.

I also read up on "euro bracing" not sure I would be able to do that, maybe just a center brace then 2 more braces on the sides?

The frames are kind hard to get, I talked with a guy 2hrs from me that builds tanks for a living and he can sell me a frame but i would have to pick it up or wait 3 weeks for him to come down here and deliver to the LFS. is a joke, the 1st 2 times I called the people said that they do not sell them, the one lady said that they have them in the retail store but would not sell me one. Then I just called again and a guy quickly found the part and gave me the part # for online. They only sell Black and get it on a special order truck that only comes once a month:(

That all glass cages place only has black and can ship Monday, so I have till then to decide what to do.

BTW my tank is currently 1/2 full of water and has fish/plants in it so I was thinking the glass would be quicker to get and cost $3 + silicone I need anyway. My frame/stand are oak color.

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