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I agree with Gomer as to the PMDD recipe that eliminates PO4 being outdated. I suppose the exception is for those whose tap water is phosphate rich.

Perhaps it would be better to pose the question in a manner that asks which people prefer:

Flourish N,P,K solutions vs. dry KNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4
Flourish Trace vs. CSM(+B) or other trace element mixes

I have used both methods, and find them each to have good qualities. Seachem definitely makes a great product. Gnatster put it well, when he indicated that large aquariums can make it cost-prohibitive. Yet, the professional size bottles available do help. That's not to mention the various threads indicating the effect on algae that Excel may have.

As for the ability to highly customize the fertilization to a given tank, it can be done with both, but I find the dry ferts to be a little better suited for customizing levels - that's just my opinion.

Can healthy planted aquariums be maintained from both methods? I have no doubt that there are many members of this forum who can attest to both methods providing good results. I personally find both to produce good results, however, I realize that this doesn't provide a definitive answer to the question that was originally posted in this thread.

If advice is what is desired, I suggest picking one method and using it consistently for several months. Consistency, although it might not produce the desired results, can result in knowledge.

Good luck, and keep us posted on how things turn out.
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