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sorry guys i didnt mean pmdd as a recipe butt i didnt know what to call it butt that

now i know to ask about dry ferts. instead of pmdd i dont believe in limiting po4 it is just as important as iron to me

where is the link to Estimative Index and Perpetual Preservation System ?\

i am new to this and need to be taught i have read lot of stuff on plants like books and on the net and the ferts still alude me to this day
i have been doing most this by trial and error so i have not done to bad by self its been some what succesfull for the last 2 years and i even moved to make things worst what i have is a 75 gal. planted and a 125 gal dry and the reson it is dry cuz i have not got what i want out of the 75 gal. tell me what to buy and i will buy it i will do what ever u think best (teach me ) i would very greatfull for that i current have : new no3 test kit (seachem)
new po4 test kit (seachem)
ap. kh and gh kit
and a tank with 220 watts of light wich is high light i know also pressurized co2, ph controller pinpiont timer for lights they stay on 12 hours a day i just cant these ferts down i have been using seachem i got them all including no3 and po4 sitting here and no3 had been low here lately 1 to 2 mg/l po4 has been .05 to .1 kh is 8 gh 16 that is last week test result any way i make a 20 gal. water change too weekly i hope someone cant help me thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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