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Edited for clarity - I construed PMDD to be Dry Chemicals such as those available from Greg Watson.

I would not go so far to say that dry chems (was PMDD) are a better product then the Seachem Flourish line. They address different needs within the hobby.

Some people are not comfortable with the calculating, measureing and mixing required with dry chems, this is but one example where the Flourish line would work better for them. For small tanks where mixing up 500ml of various products will last you years Flourish certainly has a leg up, just pop in lfs pick up a few bottles.

Use of Dry chems allows one to tailor the needs of their aquarium to the nth degree. Also when working with large tanks the cost of the Flourish line becomes prohibitive.

The two are just options to acheive a goal, both have pros and cons, you need to determine your overall needs and pick the product line that works best for you.

BTW, I use both, high light 120g gets solutions made with dry chems according to the PPS methodology and low light 12g cube is all Seachem following bottle directions and adjusting to my needs.
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