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JanS said:
If I may, I'd like to add a question here - how are the dry chemicals to work with? I have big allergy/sensitivity problems, and I worry a tad about breathing in any dust, or even a skin reaction from some of the chemicals.
Is it recommended to wear gloves (and a mask in my case) when working with them?
Depends on the preparation... the stuff I got from Greg (my second batch, I actually did run out!) is ground a lot finer than the stuff I originally had mailed in from Canada, which was pelletized... I like greg's stuff better as it seems to dissolve faster...

At any rate, search for MSDS (material data safety sheet) on the chemicals you plan to use, google find these for the chemicals we use... Now, these are typically written a little on the paranoid side (to limit liability)
but I would heed all the safety precautions in them if you're hyper-allergic. Do garden fertilziers bother you? With the exception of phosphate which can be pretty acidic in concentrate this stuff is pretty inert...

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