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Do I Have a CO2 Leak

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I hooked up my first CO2 system a couple of weeks ago (it was Red Sea's CO2 Pro system plus the solenoid). I also got a 5 pound CO2 tank and hooked it all up. It has been running at around 1 bubble per second for 10 hours a day. At that rate I went through the five pound tank in about 2 weeks. I was under the impression that the CO2 would last a lot longer than that. Is it possible I have a leak in my system somewhere?
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Assuming your tank had a full charge, it does sound fast to me. You can check for leaks by getting a spray bottle a making a soapy solution. Spray around the joining points and look for bubbles.
You definitely do have a CO2 leak. At that bubble rate a 5 pound bottle will last at least 6 months. Don't forget, the leaks that can deplete a bottle pretty fast are still very small leaks. When you apply the soap solution it make take a few minutes for enough bubbles to show up to find the leaks - they don't show up instantly.
I have the same system in 2 different aquariums and I run them about 2 bubble per second about 7 hours a day. My 5 pounds cylinders hold about 4 months before empty so far. Even thought, I have received advise that this is still too low and these should hold a year. Now having 4 months is not so bad as I started holding only one month. Your system holding only 2 weeks will defenitively have a leak.
not to say this is the cooperate for your leak but the red sea co2 regulators are very cheap id invest in a better regulator you'll save money in the long run by not having to re-fill your tank every couple weeks. it is wise to not skimp on important pieces of equipment like regulators filters and lights because chances are you'll just end up buying the better one later down the road
Also, you may want to use CO2/pressure resistant tube for all your CO2 tubing.
agree with everyone here you have a leak or something is really wrong!
I run a 3M CO2 regulator on a 5lb tank and CO2 tubing and all the other toys with it. an it will last me about 4-6 month and i have a 110g tank ??
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