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Do I need a Powerhead?

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I have a 65G hex that is 26in deep. If I set up my can filter outlet to break the water surface is it still a good idea to install a small powerhead to shoot water to break the surface as well? Or should I save the money and not use a powerhead? The lady at the LFS mentioned using one of these devices. In my tank I plan on having plants of course along with cardinals, rams, harlequins, cories, otos...

oh also, I will be using co2 and I read that airstones are a no-no because it pushes the co2 into the room air instead of keeping it in the tank water for the plants to use. will a powerhead at the water surface mess with the co2?

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The shape of the tank will make getting good water circulation difficult. I don't think a canister filter will be adequate for that. You could get a Koralia powerhead and mount it near the bottom of the tank to help circulate the water. The filter outlet at the top will be adequate for stirring up the surface if it is directed so you can see the surface movement, but without heavy rippling of the surface.
Hoppy is right on. You don't want to cause too much surface rippling because it will offgas your CO2. Adding a powerhead to any planted tank is usually a good idea as the plants will enjoy the extra circulation in the tank. I would suggest a Hydor Koralia II for that size tank.
thanks, i will definitely get one of these. i really like the magnetic mounting. so i should place this towards the bottom and point the flow towards the plants, maybe just above the substrate?

Oh, the tank is actually 42G so do i need the koralia II or can i use the koralia I?
The Koralia 1 should be sufficient for the 45 gallon. I actually have mine angled down slightly.
I use a Koralia 2 in my 45 gallon tank, and it works great, not too much flow at all. The mass of water it pushes out doesn't go fast enough to really blow over a lot of plants, but it does move a lot of water, which is what you need.
with the dimensions of a 45G hex tank, wouldnt a koralia 1 blow too much water around, as a result blowing plants around and making it tough for fish to swim?
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