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What is the size of your aquarium?

What kind of plants are in it? How are they doing? In what are they planted?

Take another look at the kind of lighting that you have. What you posted is not quite right.

Its a 50 gallon size tank. I'm useing odysseas 60in bulb i think i just know its longer than my tank itself. I have 1 12000k bulb and on plant 54watt bulb( it looks pink to me) and I got on blue actinic light. I remove that actinic blue and replace it with the plant bubl 54watt one.
i have 2 hardys that dont need lights, ferns, purple looking plants not sure what the names are. and alot of lilly looking plants. I know that when i first bought the purple leave plant it was blowing bubble like krazie for the first day. After that it doesnt any more. My plants seem to be green but some leaves are fallin off. Not sure if its by itself or my angel fish messing with it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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