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Hi all. I am setting up a 20g tank and while I'm trying to limit expenses, I'd also like to do this right. I sold my 35g tank a few months ago and with it went my very nice Eheim professional cannister filter, leaving myself with just a cheap (Whisper I think) hang-on-the-back style filter, which I would prefer to not use, since it will probably get in the way of the lighting and such.

Will I really need filtration if I plan on heavily planting the tank? I'll have a powerhead(not too powerful of one) about an 1-2" below the surface to minimize surface disruption. I know that plants serve as natural "filters" in nature and a well-planted aquarium, so as long as they are healthy, will I even need a filter? Something's telling me its not absoutely necessary. Thanks.
-Ryan Ingram
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