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:twisted: Greetings one and all. As you know I am new to the art work of fish tanks. Here is what I currently have in list form:
. Tank water volume: 5 gallons. fresh water
2. Tank lighting (type, watts per gallong, etc.): regular light
3. Tank filtration: A top filter type. Can't remember the name. but is a three part system
4. Tank substrate: Regular gravel. red white and blue
5. Plants: none
6. Fish: 3. Small angel fish, a molly and a platty
7. Test kits used (brand and type): the store tests the water
8. Fertilization regimen (include products used): none
9. Do you CO2?: No idea
10. Water change routine: about 1/4 every month
11. How long has the tank been set up? about a month so far

I'd like to get my tank with a natural look to it. I'd rather not have any of the store bough stuff. the fakeness I mean. Any methods would be nice in getting my tank lively


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