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Do you use the forum's frontpage?

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I hate to sound like a broken record, But... I completely agree with Ravi ;)

I do glance at the front page occasionally, hoping to see a new "TOTM" or a good article like the one on John Ciotti that was recently featured. Oh, and I do have interest in what is happening with APC (i.e. server updates, Crowd Gather and such). I do however miss not seeing how many posts have been added since my last visit, and the ease at which it was to get to said posts.

The user log-in field is not as important to me, seeing as my work and home computer are one and the same.

I do not, unlike others, bookmark directly to the forums. I enjoy seeing what the APC staff has to contribute to my slight obsession of planted tank. Though I will be honest, I only check the front page 1-10 visits. The previous front page allowed me to get forum information quickly and easily. The new page does not.

Would I like to see the forum "new posts" tab returned to the front page? Yes. Will it stop me from visiting APC? No. Why? you ask...

APC Rocks!!:supz:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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