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I'm going to be setting up a new tank in a weeks time.

50g tall. 36x15.5x25.5
eheim 2217 (might add a 2213 later)
eco complete stubstate
2x96w AHS supply, individualy ballasts and dual timer so I can set individually.
med-heavy fish load, will add them once the ammonia drops, but i can keep them in a 40gal in the garage for a month or two if its best.

I'm going to plant the tank to a medium density, some mosses, low foreground plants and tall growing thin leaved stems in the back, not heavily planted, there will probably be a bit of substrate still showing. lots of established driftwood.

How would you adjust the photo period early on, and would you adjust the recommended 1ml/10gal dosing? if so, by how much?

I am lazy yet patient. In otherwords I don't want to be picking algae out for the next two months. however I will do as many water changes as possible. don't really wish to be testing all the time, which is why i'm going with the PPS-pro method in the first place.
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