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I have also had a bad experience with Buce:
I spent $59.15 on three plants from Buce. All three were DOA. I paid extra for a packing activated heat pad and also expedited shipping at $20.25.
I purchased 2 tissue cultures and one potted plant.
The potted plant had been stuffed into a bag sideways and the stem was snapped off at the base.
One of the tissue cultures had no moisture in the package when I opened it. The gel had solidified and was the consistency of dried silicon. I was able to soak it in water and attempted to gently rinse away the gel. The roots had completely melted and the process washed those away as well. The plant was still green and so I attempted to separate and plant these but after 24 hours they show significant signs of melting.
The second tissue culture was completely melted and looked like overcooked collard greens. I took pictures of that one and the broken potted plant and followed the DOA instructions on there website. I was offered 5 bucks in store credit. Check out this unbelievable response:
Chris (Buce Plant)
Feb 23, 2021, 15:44 PST
We're sorry to hear about your Downoi and Staurogyne Repens Tissue Culture. Thank you for sending along the pictures, we'd be happy to take care of this for you. While we would gladly send a replacement, we are concerned that with the current delays, it would be stuck in a sorting facility and melt.
Our 100% DOA Protection provides the following options:
Store credit (+$5.00)
Let us know which one works best for you and we will correct this as soon as possible.
Please reach out to us with any further questions that we could address for you.
Check out the Buce Plant App now available on Apple Store and Google Play!
Our app is now available on Apple Store!
Our app is now available on Google Play!

I wish I could attach the photos of these horrible specimens
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