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on the topic of ricca and loofa..

i just tied up a bunch of slate myself. i have it in an emmersed setup right now, but because the substrate is sloping the ricca is pretty much under water. my question is about how long after tieing do people start to see new growth through the loofa mesh, i feel it is still veryy slowly dieing back at the moment, or at least at a stand still. it has only been 4-5 days so far tho. i have a 65w cfl over a 10g. hope its not too much light.

to get back on topic a little, the loofa was definitely an easy way to tie it all down. i only fear that maybe i put the riccia on too thick. i even found a green one so the mesh stands out less. once i figd out a system it was very fast work. i was looping the string (nylon) into an open single knot and i'd put that down, then twist the mesh up around the back of the rock and then slip the rock through the single knot, tighten, and then tie another knot. people have also used zip ties with good success apparently.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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