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Very good moss aquarium! I have a quaestion: how you've got so much clear water? I didn't see that you had used a Seachem Purigen?
P.S. Do not be afraid of my grammar, I'm only in 8th grade in school, and not fully learned English

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1) I don't see a heater on your tank. Are you heating the water? If so, how? If not, why?
Many Planted tanks run w/o heaters - they're not always necessary if you have hardy fauna and the ambient temp (you A/C controlled home) is consistent. The plants do not require specific temperatures. Generally, the warmer the water the faster they grow, but fluctuation in temp is perfectly acceptable. Also, many aquascapers use in-line heaters to minimize the ugliness of equipment.

2) I never see any mini tanks that have metal halide bulbs on them. I'm surprised nobody makes a small 70W double ended bulb fixture. I'd really like to have a 70W fixture suspended abovem mine.
Me too
3) Why are these tanks so hard to find in the US? Nobody seems to have any of the smaller tanks in stock.
Im assuming you mean the all-glass rimless tanks. It's B/C they're generally not made in the US and they're more expensive than run-of-the-mill tanks. Most come from Countries not the US, though the movement is catching hold in the West.
OR google - "Mr. Aqua Aquariums"

4) Are the glass pieces fragile? Those look slick with the rimless tank. They aren't cheap. I can't imagine breaking one.
Like any glass object, they break if you don't treat them right. However, I have found them to be more durable than their rimed counterparts b/c the glass must necessarily be thicker to make up for the lacking rim.

I plan on watching your thread. The tank really looks good. I love the plants mounted to the driftwood. That is going to look great when it fills in.
You should try it. We welcome all to the cult.
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